16−18 February 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


19 April 2017

Mushroom House, the Carpathian Mountains

Mushroom House, Карпатские горы

This week we will go to the Carpathian Mountains where Ukrainian architect Oleksii Breus has managed to supplement the amazing beauty of the solitude with his design of fully independent Mushroom House – a true masterpiece both in terms of design and functionality. 


The customers are Ukrainian couple of middle age loving walking and mushroom searching. They wanted their house to reflect their hobbies with its design and contents. They were selecting a proper land plot very thoroughly, having spent two years for that purpose. Upon finding an ideal place they gave a carte blanche to Mr. Breus. The only requirement was that the project should not stand out against the background around, rather organically supplementing the same. All the rest, including the number and appearance of the rooms was up to the author.  The architect really succeeded in solving this task:  the Mushroom House is located on the slope of a small mountain dominating the valley. It is ideally embedded in the area relief, being almost discrete. 

Ukraine architecture design


Ukrainian architecture


The key challenge of the project was location thereof – 800 meters  above the sea level, deep in eh Carpathian Mountains, three kilometers far from the nearest village. It produced a unique opportunity to create a project which is in complete harmony with the nature, although imposing strict requirements on the  life-support systems: There is no electric power, hot water or gas at the land plot. Mr. Breus solved the problem using the strengths of the location selected by the customers – the springs nearby fill up the water tank, and the electric power is produced by sun panels on the roof and the backup generator. The forest around the land plot evidently solves the problem of heating – the house is equipped with wood-fired boilers. This is supplemented with high quality heat insulation and energy saving materials.


Ukraine architecture




Ukraine interior design


The  traits of nature are maintained inside the house, namely in the wooden flooring, cloth-lined furniture of dilute pastel colors, the use of natural stones and the wall sized windows with a great view of the Carpathian Mountains. These unshowy details (being the author's choice subject to the carte blanche given to him) speak about the nature, highlighting the beauty of the landscape and never conflicting with the same. 
We may say that the location did a bulk of the job for Breus. Thus, that two year were spent by the customers not in vain. However, it is nothing but talk. In reality, it is very difficult to create a project to be so delicately embedded into the environment, and what Breus done is a great example of house fully predetermined by the landscape. 


Pictures: as-breus.com