18−20 May 2021

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


23 September 2013

CERIC company - KyivBuild 2014 participants

Ceric Technologies
CERIC Technologies, founded 50 years ago by ceramic engineers, is the world expert in turnkeysolutions and services for the production of heavy clay building materials. CERIC Technologies is amajor player in the evolution of this technique by developing and controlling each one of thetechnologies necessary to this business:
  • Raw material processing and products shaping
  • Industrial thermics : dryers, kilns, burners
  • Automatic handling and robotics,
  • Production data management and supervision systems.
Since its creation, CERIC has installed more than 460 plants in the whole world.CERIC leans in a long innovation tradition and technological master which allow to test, thoughresearches, processes and innovative products, to promote new constructive solutions whichcontribute to sustainable development and environmental protection. Then, these processes andinnovative products are proposed to the customers, to ensure their satisfaction and sustainability. Withthe desire to be involved in innovation and continuous equipments and processes improvement,CERIC proposes the following solutions for:
  • the reduction of energy consumption
  • the optimization of production capacities of the equipments
  • the reduction and simplification of maintenance work
  • the improvement of human-machine interface
So, CERIC could launch technical developments on clay processingmachines like for example the new extrusion unit PELERIN® Demeter.PELERIN® is a brand belonging to CERIC (today CERIC Technologies) formore than 40 years. The machines of this brand are renowned for itsmanufacturing quality, its robustness, its reliability and its easy and cheapmaintenance.The new PELERIN® DEMETER extrusion unit is the result of 2 years of research in collaboration withour customers in order to make this equipment even more effective, by manufacturing better qualityproducts while ensuring a significant reduction of extrusion electrical consumption.Always looking for innovation, CERIC proposes solutions for reduction inenergy consumption such as Thermoboosters, high temperature patentedstirring, adaptable on any type of kiln, new burners which allow a bettercontrol of the firing and the homogeneity in the section, and combustionsystems which allow the use of alternative fuels (coal, petcoke, sawdust,agricultural waste, etc).