18−20 May 2021

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


23 July 2014

Who will assume a duty of implementing the energy efficiency programme in Ukraine?

Ukraine is going through a serious test for its independence now. We pay a high price for it.
Even in this hard time, people go on living and work. It’s the state that is responsible for the urgent implementing of reforms, especially related to the development strategy of the country..
More than ever today Ukraine is under tough energy dependency. Country’s energy efficiency as for GDP is 11 times lower than the average for the European Union.
Time for a slow way out of this reliance has been lost. Every day counts now, to build and methodically implement the state programme of energy efficiency in every sector of the economy, and construction in the first place. Rank and file citizens directly pay for the state volatility their own profligacy out of their own pocket.
Questions to be discussed at the roundtable:
1. The strategy of transition to energy efficiency in the construction industry of Ukraine (Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine, Department of municipal power utilities).
2. Legislation and the settlement of energy-efficient construction process. Relevance of the draft law on energy efficiency of residential and public buildings. Process of European integration in the field of energy-efficient construction, the EU standards (Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and regional policy, Committee on European Integration).
3. Kyiv authorities s on promoting energy-efficient construction for the construction process players and consumers (KSCA Department of Building and Housing, Department of Communal infrastructure);
4. State inspection and control of energy-efficient construction of residential and public buildings (State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy of Ukraine).
5. Problem areas in the implementation of energy efficiency programs: what hinders the introduction of energy efficient materials and building technologies (Confederation of Builders of Ukraine).
6. Energy dependency of Ukraine as a heavy burden for the country. The state's responsibility for its citizens (Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Department of improvement and monitoring the benefits, compensations and housing subsidies);
7. Certification and promotion of energy-efficient materials as a real step to the construction of the future; (Institute of Environmental Management and balanced nature);
8. Natural gas dependence of manufacturers of building materials: the ways of cushion the effect of industry’s switch to alternative fuels (Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, Naftogaz of Ukraine).
9. The practice of energy-efficient construction in Ukraine. Best practices of appliance of energy-saving technologies and materials in the construction (Association "Foam Plastics Manufacturers", Ukrainian Confederation of Builders of Ukraine).