18−20 May 2021

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


14 March 2017

Conference Concrete. Reinforced Concrete 2017

The opening speech to the audience of  "Concrete.  Reinforced Concrete 2017" Conference was delivered by Kateryna Pushkareva, the Head of the Construction Materials Chair of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, the Full Member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. She outlined the prominent role of concrete as a construction material and exceptional contribution thereof to development of various trends in the construction industry.

Liudmyla Krypka, the Department Manager of  Ukrtsement Association of Cement Manufacturers told about the production facilities of the Association's members, highlighting the cement industry's shift to the European Standards.


Thus, this process incorporates a range  of the scientific and technical seminars, including that with the foreign experts.
Moreover, the Association closely cooperates with Prozorro system. Therefore, the public procurement shall be arranged via transparent procedures. Serhhi Ovadenko, the Lead Process Engineer of Beton-Kompleks center ("Kovalska" Industrial-Construction Group) presented  meaningful review of Ukrainian cement and concrete market. Inter alia, he emphasized that the ready-mixed concrete output has increased by 34%, this being the most widely consumed products group in Ukraine. More than 80% of our market  is formed by so called ordinary concretes.


The important role is also plaid by the super concretes used for construction of hi-rise buildings, bridges, etc.
The new area covers so called architectural concretes setting certain special requirements to the surface treatment. Moreover, the segment of industrial flooring concretes is rapidly developing. Such concretes should meet special quality requirements.