18−20 May 2021

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


04 December 2015

Follow the construction of the biggest Kiev complexes online

9.pngThe Ukrainian building and construction market is back on positive track, especially when it comes to real estate. Kyiv, the capital of the country, shows 31,4% growth in real estate investment in autumn 2015 when you compare it to the same period of 2014. To watch the biggest residential complexes being built, check the online cameras from the links below:

Residential complex Pechersk Hall http://pecherskhall.com.ua/hod-stroitelstva/kamera/

Residential complex Shevchenkivskyy http://www.shevchenkivskyy.com.ua/stroitelstvo/kamera/

Residential complex Sun Rivera http://sunrivera.com.ua/stroiteltvo/kamera/

Residential complex Mykytska Sloboda http://msloboda.com.ua/kamera/

Residential complex Kozatskyy http://kozatskyy.com.ua/kamera/

Residential complex Oberig http://jk-oberig.com.ua/kamera/

Residential complex Akadem Park http://akadem-park.com.ua/stroitelstvo/kamera/

Residential complex Gercen  http://gercen.com.ua/stroitelstvo/kamera/

Residential complex Novomostytskyy http://novomostytskyy.com.ua/hod-stroitelstva/kamera/

Residential complex Starokyivskyy http://starokyivskyy.com.ua/kamera/

Residential complex Kazka http://jk-kazka.com.ua/stroitel-stvo/kamera/

Residential complex Riverstone http://riverstone.com.ua/about-complex/video/